About Botoflow

Botoflow is a programming framework that works together with Amazon Simple Workflow Service (Amazon SWF) to help developers build asynchronous and distributed applications that process work asynchronously and distribute the processing across components that execute remotely.

Using the framework, such work can be organized into discrete units called tasks. You can create tasks that are independent of each other and may execute concurrently. You can also create tasks that depend on the outcome of other tasks and need to be sequenced. In fact, the framework allows you to implement complex graphs of tasks by interconnecting them through control flow. Best of all, the flow of tasks can be expressed naturally through the control flow of the application itself, using features of Python that you are already familiar with. This makes development easy by allowing you to focus on your application's business logic while the framework takes care of the mechanics of creating and coordinating tasks.

Under the hood, the framework is powered by the scheduling, routing, and state management features of Amazon SWF. The use of Amazon SWF also makes your applications scalable, reliable, and auditable. Applications written using the framework are highly concurrent and can be readily distributed across processes and machines. The framework is ideal for a broad set of use cases such as business process workflows, media encoding, long running tasks, and background processing.


This documentation as well as the underlying APIs are 'work in progress' (!) and may/will change before the first release.